Painter of Zombies and the Disturbed. Or Disturbed Zombie Painter... I forget which. These figures are contradictions, beautiful and grotesque at the same time. They float through their worlds driven by craving, vanity, and addiction, caught in moments of stiff poses and comedic indulgence. They put themselves on display for the world as their bodies and minds slowly decay. This is how I see myself and most everyone around me. We are the Dead Living, but we sure do look good.

Born in 1984 and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2009. Since then, I've exhibited nationally numerous times with 3 solo and many more group shows. In 2015 I relocated to my new home in Portland, Oregon, where I am currently exploring strange themes of sexual augmentation and female identity in a chaotic and alien landscape.

Upcoming Exhibitions

October 4th Frightmares (Group Show) at Fifty24PDX
​October 5th - 26th - Beyond the Untold (Group Show) at WOWxWOW

Previous Exhibitions

Solo Shows
June 2014 - Satirical Saturation at Dragatomi, Sacramento, California (see feature in Submerge Magazine here)
June 2012 - Creatures of the Night at Loved to Death's Articulated Gallery, San Francisco, California
May 2011 - Of Melancholy and Monkey Business Debut at Loved to Death's Articulated Gallery, San Francisco, California (See Video review by Creep Machine here)

Selection of Group Shows
June 1st - 22nd - WOW² (Volume II) (Annual Group Show of Square Artworks) at WOWxWOW
May 12th - June 1st - Mermay (Group Show) at Modern Eden, San Francisco, California
​April 2018 - MicroVisions (Group Show of Small Artworks) with WOWxWOW
October 2017 - Loved to Death: Group Exhibition at Modern Eden
September 2017 - Trading Card Art Show at Gristle Art Gallery
June 2017 - The Legendary William Shatner Tribute show at Gristle Art Gallery and The Convent Philly
March 2017 - Pressure curated by Gina Altadonna at Gristle Art Gallery
December 2015 - Wanderlust 3 at Modern Eden
April 2015 - Storybook, currated by Warholian's Michael Cuffe at Modern Eden
May 2014 - Desiderata at Gristle Art Gallery
September 2013 - Chronicles, Tales of the Sea at Modern Eden
March 2012 - Marvelous Humans curated by Creep Machine at Loved To Death's Articulated Gallery
October 2012 - Carnival of Terror! at Gristle Art Gallery

Contact: Jackiepaintdead@gmail.com